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Monday, January 27, 2014

Celebrity Tickling

Celebrity tickling is a widely popular subset of our particular kink. There is art work of all kinds, stories and various content devoted to the subject. Though, I must say, it not a common kink of mine. Would I jump at the chance to tickle or be tickled by a celebrity? Sure, in a heartbeat, but when I fantasize about real people, versus over the top, wild true "fantasy" fantasies, I tend to think of more attainable ticklees and ticklers. It is rare that I will see a 'star" and think, "fuck, he'd be hot to tickle."

One of those rarities is Macklemore. After watching his marriage equality themed performance on the Grammy's last night my curiosity was piqued and I did a little Googling. Sure, I am familiar with his work but didn't know much about the artist. At one point I thought, "Hmm. 30 year old, hot straight, pro gay, rapper." Then it occurred me to me that, fuck, he'd be hot to tickle or be tickled by.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Pits: From GT's image archive

This particular model was never a video model, but was a part of GT's photo work.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Tickling and Hypnotism

At the most recent Tickle Fest, I took part in a few conversations regarding tickling and hypnosis. It seems a natural fantasy; having both your will and your laughter controlled. While I have had plenty of tickling experiences, hypnosis was an experience that had still evaded me. I have read the fantasy stories and even done a few role plays around the subject, but actual hypnotism was yet unexplored. I took to my Fetlife and Recon accounts to see who I could find that had an interest and REAL experience in the subject. More often than not I found either female hypnotists or male hypnotists that wanted me to watch while they put a female in a trance. While I do appreciate the interest, GuyTickle is male to male all the time, and always will be, so I held off for what was right. 

I did finally meet a male hypnotist in his 20's who has been practicing hypnotism for many several years. After some conversation, we agreed on doing a session. While I was not apprehensive about the session itself. I wasn't sure that I could even enter a trance. The session began with just that; an attempt to place me into a relaxed and trance like state. I had my doubts; if it one thing that I rarely am, its relaxed. But, his calming tones and suggestions of sights and feelings did indeed relax me. I was a warm and heavy sensation; safe, not at all uncomfortable. Eventually suggestions of pleasure and tickling were added to the conversation. The suggestion was that I was bound and hooked up to a tickling machine. One that had levels of intensity. He also suggested that tickling, aside from its usual affect, would elicit arousal. He began with the machine on my armpits at a low level. I could have moved my arms and legs had I wanted to, but they felt heavy and there was no real attempt or desire to try and move them. I could feel some sensation under my arms. Not enough to make me laugh, but certainly present. The machine was on auto next, choosing the place to tickle. It "knew" the places that I was most ticklish. It's safe to say my mind did the leading. He asked me where the machine was going and I admitted it was the underside of my balls. The sensation was to be tickling and pleasure and I can tell you, with no hands on help from me, I was immensely excited and hard as a rock at the suggestion. Now, while any of us can become hard at arousal or excitement that does not include physical touch, but this was a bit more. For me, it usual takes some kind of manual stimulation to pre cum, but my body was reacting all on its own. With each turning up of the machines dial, as I mentioned, it had different levels of intensity, there was some increase in sensation. 

The machine moved to my feet, and everywhere else. I didn't laugh out loud, much, but I am a tough nut to crack for tickling; I have tremendous self control.You really have to know how and where to get me just right. Though, there were unquestionable sensations and enough of them to keep me erect the whole time, and getting more aroused and closer to orgasm as the session continued. Once my hands were free of the suggested bonds, I could have just reached down and gotten myself off, but I was deep enough into suggestion to wait for that suggestion as well. Talk of tickling and pleasure continued and I felt close to exploding on a few occasions; but I did not. His suggestions was that the feelings would last and the orgasms would keep coming, or at least feel as they were. When he did give my the go ahead to release, it was quite the powerful orgasm that did indeed last well beyond the usual range of sensation and, um, production. 

After the session was over, I was more relaxed then I had been in a vert long time and still aroused. Hypnosis can work on some people, and not on others. i believe that it has much to do with your level of suggestibility and willingness to let go. My suggestion would be the following: Find one you trust and disuss whatever your particular needs are. Now, I wouldn't suggest going to a clinical hypnotists who deals with weight loss or smoking cessation and say you want to get tickled and have an orgasm; find someone who particularly deals in the erotic. Keep an open mind. I found that for me, I had to make an effort to let go. Nothing may take the place of a good tie and tickle hands on session, but its good to expand your horizons and try new things. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Former GT Model Ryan showing off his pits

Tickle Fest Review

I'd first like to extend a big shout out and thank you to Joey for organizing the Fest. As someone who has worked in event organizing, I can tell you the putting together an event like this is no easy task. So, if you happen to see Joey somewhere, tickle him as a big thank you! It was a busy weekend for me so, so I found myself having to dash in and at times, but I did spend the vast majority of the weekend at the fest and it was well worth it. 

The hotel wasn't half bad. Now, if I am planning some fancy, resort weekend with over the top amenities, a breathtaking views, high end shopping and world class cuisine, than that is what I want. Yet, if I am planning a secret, scandalous little getaway for some kink and fetish fun, a little hotel in the industrial district of Newark, NJ, with a view of planes  coming and going from the airport and a gift shop that sells microwavable dinners seems just right. The fest itself was a great time. There was a lot of tickling in the "common room" and very often folks set off to their rooms for private play. I got to meet a lot of my customers/fans who up until now, only appeared as a set of initials in an email I got telling me a video sale was made. It was equally as fun to be able to put faces to the screen names I see on TKL Frat. There were guys who have been to every Fest and many for whom it was their first time. 

Personally, I loved having the chance to talk to guys who have seen my videos about the models and experiences. Some highlights for me, with names left out to protect the not so innocent: Spending a little quiet, or not so quiet, time with "V", the tickle artist in my room and having the opportunity to help one of the weekends favorites 'lee's, "C" relax and "let go". I ran into "D", a guy I met some years ago when he was very new to  the scene. So, seeing him out and about at an event such as this was great. There was yet another "D", a tickle veteran so to speak, who had seen many of my films and wanted to the chance to tickle the guy who has tickled all those guys on film. And he did. I tend not to be so much of a group or public player myself, but after a long day and few drinks I did find myself held down and tickled for a bit by "L" and "P" in the common room.

Next time around, given the opportunity, I would like to take the reins on games and activities. There are a lot of ways to mix and mingle and live out your fantasies; be playful and experience new people and new things. I'll be like Julie McCoy, your Love Boat cruise director with an emphasis on cruise.

Oh, and for one little group, "L", "A", "R", and "P" also known as the tickle artist, the new guy to the scene, the bartender and the southern 'ler and lee; if all of you, any of you, or any combo of you, find yourselves in New York again, look me up. I am all about being  bound and tickled by all of you. 

For those of you who question if a Fest is right for you, I say  this, you have nothing to lose. Whether you like 20 year old twinks or daddies, they are there. You can do it all or just watch. And if you are like many, and hoard tickling videos on your hard drive, yet, don't discuss your favorite films or tickle porn stars with your friends, here you have 60, 70 or more people who have likely seen the video as well and are happy to talk about it. All those dirtily little tickle and fetish fantasies in your head; here is a room  full of guys who get it. Above and beyond the tickling, you are surrounded by people who share the same "secret" as you. Common bonds, especially in the world of kink and fetish, are often not easy to find, but you can find it here. Have a fantasy about being held down and tickled for 4, 5, 6 guys you don't even know? Well, you can. Or don't have to and can watch someone else's fantasy take place. 

Next time its in your area, or in a city you'd like to see, go. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Oh, and you Fest goers, if you have any photos you would like to share, send them my way and I will post them on he blog. Any time any of you are in New York City, drop me a line.